Manufacturing Equipment

Creabing Machine


The cleaving machines automatically perform parallel alignment and positioning and cleave with the blade the silicon substrates and compound semiconductor substrates, such as GaAs, InP, and GaN, from the scribed positions.
It is capable for processing maximum of 4-inch wafers and wafer-to-bar cleaving, bar-to-chip cleaving, and full cleaving are available. Unlike dicing machines, the cleaving is dry-processing, not using water, and it is applicable separating into chips one by one as it is not cleaving with roller.
The device pattern registered for each recipe is recognized in image processing and used for the parallel alignment.


●Simple control screen and touch panel operation
●By employing the 3-point support method for cleaving, clean cleaved surface along the crystal orientation of the material from the scribed position can be provided.
●Position adjustment function for expanded sheets during processing
●Compact and space-saving


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