Manufacturing Equipment

Visual Inspection Machine


The visual inspection machines capture high-definition images of semiconductor products and transparent objects such as glass and perform the measurements for scratches, particulates and debris, chipping, color unevenness, dimensions of devices and so forth through the image processing technology.
The inspection and evaluation are automatically performed by placing devices on the stage and making the initial setting.
The visual inspection machine is for the inspection of the top surface only, but we also offer the models for automatic inspection up to six sides.


●Inspection processes of image processing can be freely arranged by using HALCON, without having knowledge programming nor using codes.
●Clear images can be automatically and instantaneously captured by the high-speed auto focus function.
●Inspection of products with deep irregularities is available by deep focus measurement.
●Hardware including cameras, lenses, and stages can be freely changed to meet your needs.
●As an option, irregularity discrimination in nanometer-order scale is available (QPM).


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