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Glass-Filled hermetically sealed connectors

Daitron’s state-of-the-art glass-filled hermetic connectors are ideal for systems that require excellent airtightness and can be used for high vacuum and high-pressure vessels based on hermetic sealing technology.

Hermetically Sealed Connectors With Excellent Airtight and Pressure Resistance

A special connector with excellent airtight and pressure resistance due to the hermetic sealing technology of metal and glass. We provide hermetic connectors, current introduction terminals, airtight terminals, and feedthroughs that can be used even in harsh environments such as high vacuum and high pressure.

Category Files

DPT02 series – Hermetic Connector

HMS02 series – Hermetic Connector

DD series – Hermetic Connector

DDB Series – Hermetic Connector

HMSB Series – Hermetic Connector

DBNC series – Hermetic Connector

DSMA Series – Hermetic Connector

HDB Series – Hermetic Connector

MDB Series – Hermetic Connector


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