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Kirari NINJA® -DS


●Kirari NINJA® -DS is an automatic shooting device consisting of a 360° panorama camera and LED lighting. It contributes to the efficiency of maintenance work.
●Its small size and battery operation have made it possible to photograph the inside of ship engine cylinders.
●Normally, inspecting and photographing the inside of a cylinder requires a considerable amount of time and manpower, including preparation and implementation. However, by using Kirari NINJA-DS, workers can inspect the cylinder without entering it.
●It allows for the comparison of the latest photos with those taken previously, enabling the detection of changes inside the cylinder.

Category Files


1.Small and Lightweight (H=25mm)
Capable of photographing cylinders with diameters ranging from 350mm to 980mm. *Inserted through the scavenging port.

2.Simple Operation
No special knowledge is required for operation.

Battery-operated, it can be used repeatedly with only the need for recharging (camera & LED lighting).

4.High-Resolution Images
The captured images can be enlarged for detailed inspection.


Operating TemperatureBelow 70°C
Continuous Operation TimeApproximately 90 minutes ※On a full charge
Main Unit DimensionsW74 × D215 × H25 mm
Main Unit WeightApproximately 350g (with battery installed)
Image SpecsJPEG (Exif Ver.2.3), DCF2.0 compliant
Built-in MemoryApproximately 8GB, able to store about 1600 images at 5376×2688 resolution, and about 9000 images at 2048×1024 resolution
AccessoriesMagnetic insertion and removal jig, charger, four AA nickel-metal hydride batteries, album software (inside the included USB memory), instruction manual (inside the included USB memory), dummy box, quick start guide cable (for camera)


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