Ultra Low Noise Power Supplies


Ultra Low Noise Power Supplies

Daitron offers low noise switching power supplies for noise sensitive applications.
Bring significant benefits for Medical applications need ultra low leakage current of 40 to 100uA, with 4KV reinforced insulation, and for inspection instruments require low noise power source.

Providing clean power to the Life Science Diagnosis, Inspection tool, Image Sensing and Audio applications that need high S/N Ratio to collect accurate data signals.

You can recognize its outstanding performance of our Ultra Low Noise SMPS with quiet ripple noise level dramatically down to 1/10 compared with Standard Hard Switching type of power supplies.

Ultra Low Conduction emission noise and radiated emission noise feature can also save design engineering resources and efforts needed for noise immunity.
We believe our products and its technology can meet your requirements in designing noise-sensitive systems.
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