High-precision grinding technology & High-speed FA contorolled technology. Our original technology brings to the future of IT. Daitron Original Wafer Chamfering Machine and Chip Sorter

Introducing the Edge Grinder series that brings NC-controlled grinding to the chamfering process on silicon and other wafers for the first time in the world.
Besides the WBM series, in wide use and still regarded as the industry standard, we will be releasing the new high-precision CVP series of chamfering systems.


Dedicated to improving both quality and productivity in the production of high precision wafers - and moreover providing support to the thin plate process in producing semiconductor devices.
Using the V-Twin contouring method of 2-axis vertical grinding, the system assures excellent processing quality marked by both high precision and outstanding repeatability while bringing greater freedom to edge contouring.

Productivity measuring 1.4 times* that of conventional systems has been achieved while the equipment footprint has been reduced to about half their size.
The space-saving compact design works together with high precision, high quality processing to lift wafer productivity to a higher dimension.
* Based on our estimates of linear chamfering. May vary depending on grinding parameters.