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Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supply

Daitron offers a 50W version of Superior Ultra Low Noise Power Supply model.
You can choose 5V,12V, 15V, 24V, 30V or 48Voutput voltage option.
All these voltage output models have superior ultra low ripple noise.
This model is the ideal solution for engineers who need extremely low noise for your sensitive applications.
This feature can bring engineers small, light weight and high efficiency with superior ultra low noise feature.
You may replace linear power supplies with our superior ultra low noise switching power supply products.
Low conduction noise and low EMI feature can also save your resources in EMI design.

  • Output Power:50W
  • Output Voltage (DC):5V,12V, 15V, 24V, 30V, 48V
  • Ripple Noise:1mVp-p
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Dimension (W x H x D):82 x 42 x 178.5 mm * without terminal block
  • Weight:500g
  • Leakage Current:50μA @100Vac, 60Hz
  • Safety Standard:62368-1, RoHS Compliant

  • Nano Technology Instruments
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Inspection Machine
  • Audio Equipment
  • RF transceiver

※To view these files, you may need to install specific application software to open these files by your own risk

Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Input Input Voltage Range Rating 100-240Vac (Range:85~264Vac)
Frequency Range Rating 50/60Hz (Range:47Hz~63Hz)
Input Current(*1) ACIN 100V / 200V 0.8A / 0.5A (Io=100%)
Inrush Current(*1) ACIN 100V / 200V 20A / 40A
Efficiency(*1) ACIN 100V / 200V 73% / 74%  78% / 79%  80% / 80%  80% / 80%  80% / 80%  80% / 80%
Power factor(*1) ACIN 100V / 200V  0.95 / 0.82
Leakage Current ACIN 100V /240V / 264V(60Hz) 0.05mA typ / 0.12mA typ / 0.15mA max
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Output DC Output Voltage 5Vdc 12Vdc 15Vdc 24Vdc 30Vdc 48Vdc
DC Output Voltage Variable Range 4.5~6.0V 10.8~13.2V 13.5~16.5V 21.6~26.4V 27.0~33.0V 43.2~52.8V
Output Current 10A 4.2A 3.4A 2.1A 1.7A 1.1A
Maximum Output Power 50.0W 50.4W 51.0W 50.4W 51.0W 52.8W
Line Regulation / Load Regulation [Max] 40mV / 80mV 48mV / 96mV 60mV / 120mV 96mV / 150mV 120mV / 188mV 192mV / 300mV
Ripple Noise(*2) 1mV typ
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Other Feature OCP(*3) > 110% (Shut down output)
OVP(*3) > 115% (Shut down output)
Other Remote Sensing , Remote Control , Remote Output Voltage Control
Operation Indicator LED lighting
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Mechanical Cooling System Convection
Size(W×H×D) , Weight  82 × 42 × 178.5 mm / 3.23” x 1.65” x 7.03” inch ( Without terminal stand ) , 500g
Input & Output Terminal / Signal Terminal Screw terminal / Connector
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Enviromental Condition Operating temparature / Humidity(*4) -10 ℃ ~ 60℃ (With output) / 30%RH ~ 90%RH (Non Condensing)
Strage Temparature / Humidity -20℃ ~ 85℃ / 10%RH ~ 95%RH (Non Condensing)
Vibration Resistance 19.6m/s2  (10~55Hz 1minute Period 1hour for each X,Y,Z direction)
Shock Resistance 196.1m/s2 11ms 1time for X,Y,Z direction
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Isolation Isolation Voltage INPUT - FG : 2kVac(20mA) 1min , INPUT - OUTPUT : 4kVac(20mA) 1min
OUTPUT - FG : 708Vdc (10mA) 1min
Isolation Resistance INPUT-FG , INPUT-OUTPUT , OUTPUT-FG 500V DC>100MΩ
Model Number RFS50A-5 RFS50A-12 RFS50A-15 RFS50A-24 RFS50A-30 RFS50A-48
Others Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test EN61000-4-2 Compliance
Radiated Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Test EN61000-4-3 Complicance
Electrical fast Transient / Burst Immunity Test EN61000-4-4 Complicance
Surge Immunity Test EN61000-4-5 Compliance
Conducted Disturbances Inducted by Radio-frequency Immunity Test EN61000-4-6 Compliance
Power Frequency Magnetic Field Immunity Test EN61000-4-8 Compliance
Voltage Dips,short interruptions , voltage variations immunity tests. EN61000-4-11 Complicance
Conducted Emission EN55022-B, FCC-B, VCCI-B Compliance
Safety Certifications UL62368-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.62368-1, EN62368-1 Certification PSE Compliance
UL File No  E237238 (UL62368-1)
CE Marking Low voltage directive
Harmonic Current Characteristics EN61000-3-2 (CLASS A) Compliance

(*1)Conditions:Ta=25 degree C Typical value at maximum output power (Inrush current value doesn't include part of within 0.1msec to input filter)
(*2)The typical ripple voltage in the standard specification is a value measured using 100MHz oscilloscope in the anechoic chamber under the JEITA measuring method(Condition:Ta=25℃,Vin=100Vac Typical value at rated output)
(*3)Upon over voltage or over current conditions, input power must be removed to allow unit reset to occur within a few minutes.
(*4)Derating is required by operating temperature. Follow the overload and specification in manual to avoid the damage of power supply.
※This power supply is intended to be used as a component of a larger system of electrical equipment.
 User is responsible for the safe design when this product is to be integrated in the equipment which reqires particularly high quality and reliability and there is a possibility to endanger persons or property by a failure or malfunction of this product.


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