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Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supply

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Daitron provides clean power solution to the noise sensitive applications.
In most cases, design engineers face many difficulties in choosing a critical power source for their noise sensitive design applications.
If you need a low noise power source, a linear power supply is essential but you also have to accept its heavy weight, huge size and low power efficiency technology along with its expensive cost.
On the other hand, if a low cost is needed in a small foot print and space, you will have to accept a noisy switching power supply.
The ideal solution to this dilemma is the compromise provided by Daitron.

ultra low noise small light weight and high efficiency
Daitron Power Supply Products dramatically reduce output noise down to 10mVp-p by using component resonance topology know-how. 
In doing so, they vastly exceed VCCI/FCC Class B requirements and our customers can benefit from a reduced need for noise immmunity efforts, which in turn saves them on design time and a number of components needed for design.
Daitron Power Supplies bring the benefits of switching power supplies along with small, lightweight and highly efficient features compared to linear power supplies.

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  Linear Power Supply Hard Switching Power Supply Soft Switching Power Supply (Daitron)
Noise level Low High Low
Leakage Current Low High Low
Size Large Small Small
Weight Heavy Light Light
Component Count Low High Low
Price High Low Competitive


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