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Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supply

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ultra low noise
noise data compariso with hard switching topology
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Daitron Power Supply has succeeded in dramatically reducing noise compared to Hard Switching power supplies.

Noise levels are less than 1/10 of those compared to Hard switching power supplies, exceeding VCCI/FCC Class B requirements.

This feature benefits design engineers by saving resources and efforts otherwise needed for noise immunity.

component resonance topology
Daitron Power Supply succeeded in its design goal to provide the lowest noise output power for our customers’ applications. For this we feature built-in Soft-switching topology based technology that reduces noise low enough to meet customer needs for the most noise-sensitive systems. 
The topology creates a clean current waveform and the Daitron engineering design team carefully created a synchronization of current & voltage timing at the “Zero-Cross” point in order to achieve our goal to operate our power supply at the lowest noise level possible. For this reason, our ultra low noise power supply can meet our customer’s need to get an ultra low noise switching power supply in a small and light weight package. 
Our ultra low noise feature brings an additional benefit to allow our customers' design engineers to save their design resources by reducing the need for system designers to include external output filters, thereby saving time, money, and effort that could be better used elsewhere.

hardswitching   soft switching

small light weight and high efficiency
Compared with a linear power supply, a Daitron Power Supply is very small, light weight and highly efficient. 
Our customers can easily replace huge, heavy and low power efficiency linear power supply designs with ultra low noise features more suitable for their next challenging noise sensitive application 

competitive price range
Daitron Power Supply is a key solution for design engineers to save resources. 
The Ultra Low Noise feature can reduce filter circuit design effort. 
The Low leakage current feature can be a beneficial feature for medical applications.


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