High-precision grinding technology & High-speed FA contorolled technology. Our original technology brings to the future of IT. Daitron Original Wafer Chamfering Machine and Chip Sorter

Introducing the WCS series of wafer chip sorters for classifying and managing LSI bare chips.
These fully automated systems operate on the basis of wafer map data that shows the scatter of chip types and performance.
With high level chip storage rate, safety and operating reliability, the system boasts the highest number of units shipped and in service in the industry.


Transfers high-value LSI chips with the highest degree of precision, speed and safety. Offers optimum pick & place functions for all types of chips.
Features the Daitron proprietary pickup & place mechanism, digitally synchronized for high reliability.
A high operating ratio derives from the superior technical expertise that is built in, making this the best performer in the industry.

Chip sorting of all types has been made possible by mapping data for each individual wafer, allowing us to offer a variety of chip management solutions utilizing Daitron's deep stores of expertise.
Productivity will benefit from functions including quality ranking, multi-product sorting and pre-shipping inventory management.