Ultra Low Noise Power Supplies

The medical device industry and other noise sensitive applications benefit from Daitron’s Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supplies as a compact and energy efficient power solution.


Wafer Edge Grinders

Driving innovations for our semiconductor customers: The first computer controlled chamfering machine worldwide. The drive uses a servo motor that controls position and speed digitally thus accurately only grinding the dedicated section.

Wafer Chip Sorter

Introducing the WCS series of wafer chip sorters for classifying and managing LSI bare chips.These fully automated systems operate on the basis of wafer map data that shows the scatter of chip types and performance.


Vision Systems

From general machine vision to specialized security, medical, presentation or distance learning applications. Daitron provides complete machine vision solutions and excellent service.


Test & Measurement

Daitron’s original measuring technology significantly increases the efficiency of LED testers and probers.


Highly Reliable Interconnects

Heavy duty applications such as deep sea or railway rely on Daitron’s customer specific connector, cable & harnesses.