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Ultra Low Noise Switching Power Supply

  • Ultra Low Ripple & Noise 2-3mVp-p
  • Low Leakage Current 40uA to 100uA
  • Universal Input
  • Approved Safety Standards
  • Meet EMC Safety Standards
  • RoHS Free, Vinyl Chloride Free,Halogen Free (PCB)

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Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Input Input Voltage Range Rating 100-240Vac Single Phase * Range : 85Vac to 264Vac
Frequency Range Rating : 50/60Hz, * Range : 47Hz to 63Hz
Input Current 100VAC / 200VAC * 1 0.9A / 0.45A at Full Load
Efficiency 100VAC / 200VAC * 1 76% / 78% 76% / 78%
Inrush Current 100VAC / 200VAC * 1 20A / 40A * When it operates under cold start
Leakage Current 40uA (100Vac, 60Hz ) / 100uA (240Vac, 60Hz)
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Output DC Output Voltage +12V -12V +15V -15V
Output Current 2.2A 0.3A 1.5A 0.5A
Maximum Output Power 30W
Line Regulation 48mV max 60mV max 60mV max 60mV max
Load Regulation 100mV max 150mV max 120mV max 150mV max
Ripple & Noise * 2 3mVp-p 2mVp-p 3mVp-p 2mVp-p
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Other Feature OCP * 3 Short Circuit on output terminal ( Shut down output)
OVP * 3 > 115% (Shut down output)
Remote Sensing None
Remote Control Available
Operation Indicator LED lighting
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Mechanical Cooling System Convection
Size 84 x 30 x 161.5 mm (Without terminal stand)
Weight 460g
Input & Output Terminal /
Signal Terminal
Screw terminal
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Others Noise Immunity EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11
EMI Noise EN55022-B, FCC-B, VCCI-B
Safety Certifications UL60950-1 (UL File#.: E237238) , CSA-C22.2, NO. 60950-1,
EN60950-1 Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, CE Marking (Low Voltage Directive)
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Environmental Condition Operating Temperature / Humidity - 10 degree C to + 60 degree C * With output / 30%RH to 90% RH * Non Condensing
Storage Temperature / Humidity - 20 degree C to + 85 degree C / 10%RH to 95% RH * Non Condensing
Vibration Resistance 19.6m/s 2 10 to 55Hz 1minute Period 1hour for each X, Y, Z direction
Shock Resistance < 196.1m/s 2 11ms 1 time for each X, Y, Z direction
Model Number HFD30-12 HFD30-15
Isolation Isolation Voltage Input. Output : AC3KV for 1min Cut off current 20mA * Under normal temp & humidity condition
Input. FG : AC2KV for 1min Cut off current 20mA * Under normal temp & humidity condition
Output.FG : AC500V for 1min Cut off current 20mA * Under normal temp & humidity condition
Isolation Resistance Input. Output , Input.FG, Output.FG DC500V >100M ohm

*1 Conditions: Ta = 25 degree C
*2 JEITA specified measuring method
*3 Upon over voltage or over current conditions, input power must be removed to allow unit reset to occur within a few minutes.
Note: Derating is required by operating temperature. Follow the overload and specification in manual to avoid the damage of power supply.

  • Warning: Large capacitive load should be applied or removed only with NO AC power applied. Large inrush current may result in damage.
  • Incorrect operation will damage Power Supply.


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