Investor Relations


Further promoting aggressive management toward next stage for growth by three-company merger.

In starting the 9th Mid-Term Management Plan (9M), the Group built the new operating foundations for leading to the next stage. Those are the foundations for evolving from the previous “integrated manufacturing and sales unit” into a “combined manufacturing and sales unit,” which consist of, specifically, the following two measures: (i) merging two of the Company’s manufacturing subsidiaries and making a new start as Daitron Co., Ltd., and (ii) newly establishing the Chubu Factory to concentrate the manufacturing functions of these two subsidiaries.

In this industry environment where competition is intensifying and alliances and separations occur frequently, the Group will seek to survive and further develop while maintaining its own approach as a technology-based company in the electronics industry.

In addition, the Group has set out its new Group Statement “Creator for the NEXT.” This is an expression of its determination to create and provide new values one step ahead of customer needs by combining, and producing maximum sysnergy from, the collective strength of the Group as a “trader and manufacturer,” and “electronic components and manufacturing equipment,” as well as a large number of good accounts and the sales network extending both in and outside Japan. It also represents the direction the Group should take in the medium to long term. Under this policy, we will seek full-scale growth in sales and profits, and to be a “100-billion yen company.”

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